Mommy Care and Wellness


Here you will find a variety of information on mommy care and wellness including DIY’s for spa and beauty, information on mommy activities and groups (mostly in my local area of Salem,Or), guest posts and information on mental and physical health and wellness, and much more! any mommy care and wellness blog posts will be featured under this page so it is at easy access to you! Explore and find ideas on how to take care of you! You can expect a new guest post every Tuesday, and stay on the lookout for a special section dedicated to local “mommy activities”




“Moms Rejuvenated is group for moms who seek supportive connection and the opportunity to reflect on their lives, explore and practice strategies and tools for self care and be their best selves.

It runs for 6 months and we meet once a month – generally in the evening to accommodate working moms as well. Our next group begins January 12th and will run through June. 6:30pm-8:30pm is the time of day.”
– Megan Judge
Co – Facilitator of Moms Rejuvenated Group

 This group is Located in Salem, Or so if you’re a local mommy looking for a group such as this please contact Megan Judge and/or Jeani Bragg via email for more information, or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

If you are looking for something like this in your area Megan had some input on how they started this group and whether or not there are others like it out there:

“This particular one[group], Moms Rejuvenated, is a creation of Jeani Bragg’s and now she has included me in facilitating it. But our group is based on a book called The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal by Rene Trudeau. Rene encourages people to use her book to start personal renewal groups which is what our group started out as but we have brought in a lot of different resources and information that isn’t original to the book we use. There won’t be other Moms Rejuvenated groups in other areas but there may be other personal renewal groups that use the same book”

Megan Judge

Co – Facilitator of Moms Rejuvenated Group

* This is not a sponsored post. I am not receiving any financial compensation for advertising this group. I just want to spread the word to local moms about self help resources in our community.


Mommy Care and Wellness Guest Post: “You’re Doing It Wrong: Being a Great Mom Starts with Self-Care”

Being a mom is a challenging task that often lacks rewards or praise. We are often trying to balance our time between taking care of the family, the household, balancing the cheque book and paying bills that it has become so easy to neglect our own needs…Read More


I am profile-pica full-time working, potty-mouthed and tempered, home-cooking, thrift-finding thirty-something mom on a budget. I am married and have two children, a tween and a teenager. Life is great. I blog to share our personal life experiences and adventures in parenting.


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If you would like to submit a guest post for mommy care and wellness please contact The Bippity Boppity Mom via email at or fill out our contact form. Some examples of post content for this page are: mommy DIYs, Activities for moms, health and fitness, mental health, hobbies for moms, relationship posts, anything related to what mommy care and wellness means to you! I am currently looking for a blogger that is interested in posting about wine and “wine education” for moms! (pairings, activities, etc.)


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