Halloween Adventures! Trunk or Treating and Candy Fest

During the week of Halloween we did quite a few festive activities, but the two main events for Braydon were trunk-or-treating, and a candy fest at a local church! A couple days before Halloween Daniel and I took Braydon to a Church here in town called Morning Star Community Church. It was super cute and all the volunteers had their trunks decorated in different themes. If you don’t know what a “trunk-or-treat” is, it is basically trick-or-treating set up in a parking lot out of peoples trunks. It is meant to provide easy and safe trick-or-treating for neighborhoods that are dangerous, secluded, or have a harder time trick-or-treating.

Braydon’s favorites were the trunks he got to “fish” candy out of, and my personal favorite was the Snow White trunk! They had a cute little photo booth set up and they were all dressed in costume. They had a Ducks and Beavers trunk, Buzz Lightyear trunk, etc. We liked it so much Daniel and I were talking about volunteering next year, it seems like so much fun!

We also Stopped in at Target and checked out their trick-or-treat event, they had four booths set up throughout the store so we got to take Braydon to trick-or-treat while we shopped!

On Halloween we took Braydon to another church event at the West Salem Foursquare Church, called “Candy Fest”. It was definitely and awesome event! It is a very large church and it was super crowded for good reason. They had numbered booths set up everywhere for you to collect stamps and participate in games and activities. Braydon only did a few of the games including a basket ball toss, fishing for candy, and a cup shooting activity. His favorite thing seemed to be the bounce house they had set up as well as the very large slide he went down with Daniel!

As we were getting ready to leave I started feeling sick and tired and Braydon seemed tired and overstimulated as well. (He hadn’t had a nap of course and had been loading up on candy all day!) We decided to call it a night and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters instead of taking Braydon trick-or-treating like we had planned. Braydon enjoyed getting trick-or-treaters and would repeat “trick-or-treat!” everytime we got a knock at the door.

How did your Halloween go? Events with little one’s can be sort of stressful at times but at the end of the day, if your child had fun that’s all that matters right?


Pumpkin Patch Fun!

This year we took Braydon to two different pumpkin patches that are quite popular in our area. I didn’t think he would enjoy it that much but oh my goodness he had a blast! He ran himself tired both times and got to pick out some great pumpkins!

The first patch we went to was E.Z. Orchards right here in Salem. We have been to the market there before and heard there would be a petting zoo so we decided to check it out. They had a live band playing, hay ride, large pumpkin patch, corn maze, “gold mining”/sifting, tons of cute picture spots, a petting zoo, face painting, food carts, tractor riding, and I’m sure there’s more! Braydon’s favorite activities here were riding the little tractors, picking out his pumpkins, and even though he threw a fit before it started – he really enjoyed the hay ride as well.

Pictures from our E.Z. Orchards visit:


The next patch we went to was Bauman’s Farm . My sister had invited us to go with the rest of the Family on a week day while Daniel was working. Braydon had such a blast here and got super muddy leading us through the corn maze! Bauman’s didn’t have too much going on during the weekday that we went but it was really nice because it was all little kids and we were able to let Braydon run around freely without a huge crowd. Also they had some delicious hot caramel apple cider, and apple cider slushies! Braydon’s favorite things here were definitely the mazes, the petting zoo, and the little playground they had set up.

Video of our hay ride at Bauman’s Farm:


Pictures from our Bauman’s Farm visit


Try not to skip out on taking your kids to the pumpkin patch this year. It’s so much fun, even if you don’t plan on purchasing pumpkins there, the activities and experience are worth it! Leave me a comment and tell me about your kiddos favorite activity at the pumpkin patch!

Target Trip: Maternity and Halloween Craft Haul


We’ve been finding ourselves in Target quite a bit this month so I thought I would do a combined haul and talk about some of the awesome stuff they have there right now. We have so much fun going and looking at the Halloween stuff, and we’re able to get a few fun crafts from the dollar spot. I also just recently purchased some maternity clothes as I am almost in my 3rd trimester!

At the dollar spot we picked up a couple wooden paint crafts. They had several and we will probably be back to get more, but for now we picked up a pumpkin and skull. We also grabbed a mason jar black cat craft kit that was in the 3 dollar section. I grabbed a cute little desk top box that I plan on DIYing for Daniels desk, a trick-or-treat bag for Braydon, a cute kit that turns your door into a monster face, a “Haunted phone” (Braydon is obsessed with this thing!), and a few other goodies like some Halloween cookies and some fun bath time art supplies!

On another occasion that we found ourselves in my favorite store, The boys let mommy get some maternity clothes! I got two dresses, a belly band, a maternity/nursing bra, a maternity tank, a pair of jeans, and a comfy cardigan sweater. I was able to a coupon from my target swag bag on the clothes and saved 30 bucks! If you would like to know more about how to get your own target swag bag, follow this link to my pregnancy freebees post: Pregnancy Freebees. After shopping we headed over to the target cafe and ate some pasta. It was definitely a fun day for us all. We headed to the pumpkin patch after this and I will be posting about our pumpkin patch adventure later so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



Our Portland Trip and Ikea Fail!

Recently, Daniel got a great job for the state and He also had a birthday at the beginning of this month so we decided to go to Portland to celebrate! We had seen on Facebook the day before that Ikea was having an awesome anniversary sale and that they had a toddler bed for only $10.00! Our main goal in going to Portland was to get this bed and the rest was just a bonus since we would be in that area. Like the super organized and prepared parents that we are, we decided to just go and check it out without calling ahead, even though its the only Ikea in Oregon and its over an hour away from where we live.

When We got to Portland we were all super hungry so we decided to eat fairly close to our destination. We drove around looking at nearby restaurants and saw a cool looking BBQ joint called Famous Dave’s. It looked kind of small from the outside but, oh my gosh! it was huge and awesomely decorated. They had TV’s with football and a fire place, their décor was like a country BBQ style with fishing and hunting things everywhere. It was super nice and the wait staff were so friendly! I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and it was just way too delicious! It’s so hard to find good BBQ that isn’t made at home so we were definitely satisfied customers. Braydon was really good in the restaurant too which was nice, he was content just coloring and ate off his and Daniel’s plates.

After our meal we went to Ikea determined to find this bed that was on a too good to be true sale. Now in my defense for not calling ahead, I had assumed that since this sale was running for another 2 weeks and it was only the second day of the sale, that they would still have some in stock. We go in the store and weasel our way through and ask the nearest staff there where these beds are. They give us directions, we head up that way and the associate there tells us that they sold out in the first hour! They only had twenty five in stock to begin with!! She then suggests I buy the new model that has pigs instead of cats on it for only $69.99!! I tried not to laugh my butt off as I walked away.

We spent some time looking around and tried to enjoy the rest of the time there, after all it was our own fault for getting our hopes up. After Ikea we went to Michaels so I could pick up some things for Braydon’s costume. This is my first year making a homemade costume for him and I am super excited! He is going to be “the man in the yellow hat” from Curious George. He loves all the movies so we thought it would be super cute! (Stay subscribed for my upcoming post on making his costume!) Braydon had fallen asleep in the car so I got to go in by myself while Daniel stayed in the Car. Yay for mommy time! While in there I picked up the stuff I needed for his costume as well as some fun water gel beads we plan on using for some sensory fun.

All in all it was a great trip to Portland and we all had some fun! We are super excited for Daniel to start his new career and for Braydon to show off his super cute costume this Halloween! Don’t forget to subscribe and join me on Facebook! Thanks for reading!

Our Apple Picking Adventure Fall Funday!

Yay! Its Fall! Such a pretty time of year and always so many fun things to do with your kids like going to the pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, getting ready for Halloween, and visiting your local orchard to harvest your own apples! We have never done this before so we didn’t have high hopes about Braydon enjoying it, or whether or not we would even know what we were doing! As mentioned in the about section of this blog; we are from the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. There are tons of farms, orchards, and farmers markets in our area that offer you to go and forage for your own produce. We chose to go to a small family owned farm outside of town called Beilke Family Farm. We found out about it through an online local community group. When we arrived it was so nice outside, so we had definitely picked a good day to go!


As we got out of the car a nice girl offered to take our families picture in front of their sign and then she took her time explaining to us what was in season and how the signs point you down each isle that can be picked along with what apples are growing there. We picked a five gallon bucket which only cost us $11.00 and took our time walking up and down the rows. Braydon had such a blast helping pick the apples and he was good about not putting the nasty ones off the ground into our bucket. As we were heading out of the orchard the people working there had informed us that there is a free fall harvest festival starting on October 15th that will have games, apple tastings, and other fun stuff; so we will definitely be heading back that way this fall! It was such a great experience for us all and We were able to score a ton of apples which means tons of activities and recipes with apples!! If you are looking for a fun fall family activity I highly recommend taking your family to go apple picking at your local family orchard. It is so rewarding and an earthy experience. Don’t forget to check back often and subscribe! I will be having and applesauce and fruit leather recipes posted soon since we have acquired so many apples! lots of fun fall posts ahead!