Target Trip: Maternity and Halloween Craft Haul


We’ve been finding ourselves in Target quite a bit this month so I thought I would do a combined haul and talk about some of the awesome stuff they have there right now. We have so much fun going and looking at the Halloween stuff, and we’re able to get a few fun crafts from the dollar spot. I also just recently purchased some maternity clothes as I am almost in my 3rd trimester!

At the dollar spot we picked up a couple wooden paint crafts. They had several and we will probably be back to get more, but for now we picked up a pumpkin and skull. We also grabbed a mason jar black cat craft kit that was in the 3 dollar section. I grabbed a cute little desk top box that I plan on DIYing for Daniels desk, a trick-or-treat bag for Braydon, a cute kit that turns your door into a monster face, a “Haunted phone” (Braydon is obsessed with this thing!), and a few other goodies like some Halloween cookies and some fun bath time art supplies!

On another occasion that we found ourselves in my favorite store, The boys let mommy get some maternity clothes! I got two dresses, a belly band, a maternity/nursing bra, a maternity tank, a pair of jeans, and a comfy cardigan sweater. I was able to a coupon from my target swag bag on the clothes and saved 30 bucks! If you would like to know more about how to get your own target swag bag, follow this link to my pregnancy freebees post: Pregnancy Freebees. After shopping we headed over to the target cafe and ate some pasta. It was definitely a fun day for us all. We headed to the pumpkin patch after this and I will be posting about our pumpkin patch adventure later so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!