Check Out Whats Happening in Week 30 of my Pregnancy!


This week has been super crazy! We officially put in our notice to move, Halloween of course came and went, I am testing out a new product, we launched the mommy care and wellness page, and there is just so much to do before baby comes! We are super excited about all these new things taking place, but also a bit overwhelmed. I will be posting a new schedule on the welcome page of this site soon so that you are able to know when new posts and guest posts will be happening.

Anyways! Lets get to the fun stuff! Week 30 is here and that means only 10 more weeks to go give or take, until we meet little Declan!! According to my pregnancy app little man is the size of a cabbage and weighs approximately 2.75 lbs He has been getting the hiccups more often now and his kicks are stronger and stronger. So far I have gained about 18 lbs and haven’t experienced any other symptoms that I haven’t mentioned before. I got the results back for my Glucose screening and my doctor will be explaining them to me at our next appointment. From what I could tell it was in the normal range though.

We have begun to track baby’s kicks once a day usually at night before bed. So far it hasn’t taken more then 5-6 minutes to get 10 kicks/movements out of him! In the tracker we got from the doctor it says to be concerned if you don’t feel 10 kicks or movements withing 2 hours so I think we are good there! Our next appointment is scheduled for the 11th of this month, we are now seeing doctor every two weeks!

Thanks for staying up to date and reading along! I really appreciate my readers and please go ahead and leave me a comment if you’re pregnant and let me know how its going for you, or just reminisce on your pregnancy! I would love reading about it!


Check Out Whats Happening in Week 29 of My Pregnancy!

This pregnancy is flying by so fast! I only have a couple months until we get to meet this little man! I still have a lot I need to do to prepare for his arrival, and I am super excited!

For symptoms this week I have noticed an increase in Braxton hicks contractions and a lot more pain after laying down for a long period of time. I’ve started wearing my belly band for added support because it hurts my back to even walk around or bend over.

At my doctors visit this week, the baby measured at “28 weeks” which the doctor said was normal. She surprised me with a tdap vaccine and the dreaded hour long glucose test! I am super excited because she gave me the hospital paper work as well as some info on recording, picture taking, and what to bring to the hospital! I will be seeing the doctor every 2 weeks from now on. She also wanted me to start doing a kick counter to make sure baby Declan is moving okay in there.

I feel like this pregnancy is going by so quickly! I only have a couple short months left! I hope to have my baby shower soon, get moved, pack our bags and tour the hospital very soon! We decided that we wouldn’t be doing birthing classes this time around but I do want to see a lactation consultant beforehand.

Thanks for reading my update! Hopefully we will have visited the hospital by next weeks update and get the paperwork going on baby’s birth certificate!


Labor and Deliver Story: Baby Braydon

It was 4:00am January 24th 2014, exactly one week before my due date (February 1st). I got up for one of my many frequent trips to the bathroom and as I had finished up and went back to bed, I noticed I was still leaking fluid. I thought I might have peed a little, but as I got back up and out of the bed to go check a huge rush of water came pooring out. The only way I can describe it is a sense of warm liquid and pressure, a continuous flow.

I woke Braydon’s dad to tell him it was time, my contractions had not yet started. We first called my aunt to tell her what was going on and then Jake’s (Braydon’s dad) sister. We called the maternity ward at my local hospital and they suggested we come in right away instead of waiting for my contractions to start since it sounded like my water had fully broken.

Jake’s sister picked us up and we headed to the hospital! I started having mild contractions in the car on the way there and they steadily increased from there. When we checked in, it was nice to see that we were the only ones there. Our hospital was super small and I was the only mommy admitted at the time. Since it was Flu season the nurses informed us that who ever was accompanying us in the delivery room would be our only visitors allowed while we were there. I chose to have Jake, my mom, my sister, and Jake’s mom in the delivery room.

My birth plan was set up to be a “lets see how it goes” kind of thing. I didn’t want to commit to a fully natural or medicated birth, I just wanted to see what my body needed. As my contractions progresses I walked around the hospital a couple times, used a yoga ball, and tried the Jacuzzi tub to labor in. The tub I felt made my contractions way worse and I didn’t stay in there very long. At 7cm I asked for the epidural, and it only worked on one side of my body until they came in to fix it.

Around 1:30pm it was time to push! I don’t recall the specific number of pushes it took but he arrived at 1:59pm so about a half hour of pushing and my baby boy was here! They placed him on my chest right away as Jake cut the cord and I had my skin to skin with him. I can’t tell you what I was thinking or feeling other then full attention on him and an overwhelming sense of happiness. My little man weight 6lbs and 14oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. I was able to breast feed him in the hospital which was super awesome and the nurse was aggressive but super helpful.

I had to have stitches as Braydon’s elbow tore me up towards the front. I don’t recall the stitches as I was too busy admiring my baby at the time. I remember being in such a focused state throughout my pregnancy that I honestly didn’t pay attention to anyone or anything. I really couldn’t tell you what the other people in the room were saying or doing. After I had fed baby and had substantial skin to skin with him, Jake gave him his first bath! The hospital staff were so caring and helpful, I will only go to a small hospital for future births!

We stayed two nights in the hospital and then took our sweet baby home. Before we left the hospital provided us with a celebratory breakfast that included mimosas, Belgium waffles,  and fruit! It was probably the most significant experience I have ever had and I can’t wait to do it all over again with baby number two this January! (Yes, thats right two January babies!)


Check Out What’s Happening in Week 28 of My Pregnancy!

This update is coming a couple days late because we’ve been super busy with Daniels new job, me adjusting to being the only parent at home, all our fall activities we’ve been doing, and all the stuff I am doing for this Blog! I didn’t want to just skip this though because I am excited to be able to look back at these memories and share them with my kids when they’re older. I look at Braydon’s memory box and baby book about once a week thinking back to when he was just a little fragile thing! This time around I am going to include some short video clips from my 20 week ultrasound, when we found out baby Declan would be a boy!

Video Clips of 20 Week Ultrasound:

This week in my pregnancy:

Baby Declan is up keeping me up most of the night with his flips and tricks in my belly! I have been having more charlie horses and leg cramps and it’s so terrible! Other then that I haven’t noticed any changes in symptoms other then the waddling and trouble breathing. Since I am officially in my 28th week now, After I see the doctor this week I will be seeing them every 2 weeks. I still haven’t taken the glucose test yet! (yay!)

My pregnancy app says that baby is approximately 2.25lbs this week and is the size of a Chinese cabbage. My app also says that baby’s brain is developing more tissue and baby is developing a sleep schedule. I am officially in my 3rd trimester, this week I received my samples from the Honest Company, and it came with some really cute patterns! I talked about this a little bit on my facebook page already, but I will be doing a review of them after Declan is born and can try them out!

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Name Announcement: Baby Number 2!




It took us such a long time to come up with baby number 2’s name. I am now in my 3rd trimester and I am so excited to announce that we have decided on a name! Baby brother will be named… Declan Daniel Kim!!!

Declan has a good name meaning that Daniel was really happy with it means, “man of prayer”. I like it because it sounds cute and its unique enough but not super out there. I am so happy to be able to refer to him as something other then just “baby” “little brother” or “little boy”. His middle name will be Daniel since this is Daniels first born son, and I wanted him to have a middle name, where as Daniel didn’t care either way!




Thanks for reading! We are so excited Baby Declan will be here before we know it! Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite baby names!!

25 Ways to Combat Top 5 Pregnancy Symptoms!


As the title suggests I’m going to be presenting you pregnant mommies with some different ways to combat some of the most experienced and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms! These ideas came from real life mommies that submitted their suggestions and ideas via Facebook. Remember to always check with your Doctor, primary care provider, or OBGYN before trying any of these or taking any supplements/vitamins!


Heartburn is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy, and one that I am currently experiencing. Remember to consult a healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Here are the top 5 ways to combat this symptom, that were submitted by real moms:

  1. Kombucha – This is basically fermented tea that originated in China. It is a probiotic drink that has many health benefits and many moms swear it helps them with heartburn.
  2. Calcium Soft Chews – This is great for people who hate the chalky aftertaste of tums. They pretty much work the same way but taste a lot better which is especially great for pregnant mommies!
  3. Pickle Juice – This one might seem especially weird, but many moms swear by pickle juice for heartburn! apparently the vinegar in the pickle juice helps some people relieve indigestion symptoms.
  4. Milk – For those that cannot stomach pickle juice, other moms suggest drinking milk. The milk can counteract stomach acid, at least for a little while and its healthy for you!
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – This last one is a little less heard of but it’s the same idea as the pickle juice. Basically you mix 1:2 parts apple cider vinegar and water and drink! It’s not going to taste good but it might just do the trick to calm your stomach.



One of the more common symptoms, and one I was blessed not to experience! Some poor mommies suffer from this all day long rather then just in the morning like the traditional name suggests. Remember to consult a healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Here are the top 5 ways to combat this symptom, that were submitted by real moms:

  1. GingerA classic remedy to this symptom is all things ginger! whether it be ginger ale, ginger pops, ginger chews etc. Lots of moms feel relief when consuming these types of things and its even been known to help with heartburn!
  2. Vitamin B6 – This supplement has been known to reduce nausea in pregnant women and many doctors do suggest it.
  3. Lean Protein – lean protein snacks are high in B6, so if you’re not wanting to take extra vitamin supplements this would be a great alternative for you! Also eating small snacks has been a proven way to fight against nausea as well as fatigue.
  4. Peppermint – Sucking on a peppermint is pretty much the same idea as sucking on a ginger candy. This is a long time used home remedy and even inhaling peppermint scent can help settle an upset stomach.
  5. Acupressure/ Pressure Points – Lots of moms are really into using pressure points to relieve all kinds of symptoms but its especially popular for morning sickness. There are even bracelets you can purchase that will apply the proper action. There are all kinds of internet resources and books on this as well.


Now this one I have struggled with personally all throughout pregnancy. Its such a pain, literally! to carry a growing body inside of you, remember to consult a healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Here are the top 5 ways to combat this symptom, that were submitted by real moms:

  1. Epsom Salt Baths – Epsom salts are a common use in the medical field, particularly in retirement and care homes for people that suffer in old age from these bodily pains. Epsom salt can relieve muscle tension and relax joints, plus baths are super relaxing!
  2. Massages – One of the simplest and cheapest ways to help combat this symptom is to get a massage! You can ask your partner to do this for you, or another close family member or support person. This is a great bonding experience and a good massage might be all you need to get some relief at the end (or beginning) of the day. If you wanted to splurge and get a prenatal massage or maybe suggest it as a nice gift from someone, that’s always great too!
  3. Magnesium Supplements – You may be more prone to muscle pains and cramps if your magnesium is low, this is often the case with pregnant women and you should consult your doctor to see if taking extra magnesium might help you!
  4. Prenatal Yoga/ Low Impact exercise – My doctor had suggested to me doing some low impact exercise to help loosen my joints and relieve muscle and back pain by stretching. Luckily there are actual exercises and classes dedicated to pregnant ladies such as prenatal yoga!
  5. Swimming – Same idea as low impact exercise but this has the added benefit of taking that extra weight off you that you’ve been carrying around, its the perfect combo of a nice bath and some exercise!



I haven’t met a pregnant women ever that said she never had trouble sleeping during pregnancy, or trouble getting enough sleep! This is often because of other symptoms such as having to constantly pee, cramps, it being so hard to breath – that kind of thing. Anyways here are some ways mommies have found that helped at least a little with this, remember to consult a healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Here are the top 5 ways to combat this symptom, that were submitted by real moms:

  1. Cat Naps – Getting enough rest through out the day when you can and when you feel you need to will help you feel more rested when you do have to get up and get things done! Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to kick back, put on some Netflix and rest!
  2. Pillows – Lots of mommies find relief by using pillows to prop themselves and support their bodies. Make sure that if you invest in an actual pregnancy pillow you read your return policy as they are expensive, and try it out right away to make sure it works for you! Using several household pillows or a body pillow works just as well in my opinion!
  3. Stay Hydrated – Being properly hydrated is going to seriously boost your energy, its beneficial for many other pregnancy symptoms and all around health as well. I had a fainting spell with each pregnancy and one of the suspected causes was that I wasn’t properly hydrated so drink that water ladies!
  4. Relieving Muscle aches – One of the reasons a lot of moms are so tired or unable to sleep is because they are in pain from muscle aches and pains, so if you take care of those symptoms you can often have an easier time finding rest.
  5. Aromatherapy – I know a lot of moms use essential oils and there are several kinds that you can apply or diffuse that induse relaxation. I personally use a pillow spray from bath and body works that contains lavender and chamomile. I spray my pillow, blankets, and sheet with it and it will help me to feel more relaxed and fall asleep easier at bedtime.


This is a tricky one because I personally feel there is not much you can do to relieve this symptom. I think it is more genetics then anything and applying creams is mainly to make yourself feel like your fixing it. I feel it is a very common symptom though and one many moms wish to fix so lets address it! Remember to consult a healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Here are the top 5 ways to combat this symptom, that were submitted by real moms:

  1. Vitamin E – Taking a vitamin e supplement may help you with basic skin health and is proven to be good for anti-aging and skin care.
  2. Creams and Oils with Vitamin E – If you are going to use a cream or oil on your body to help with stretch marks, most moms and beauty gurus advise that whatever you use, make sure it has vitamin e in it. Again vitamin e is good for your skin and skin health so if anythings going to help this would be it!
  3. Drink Water – Making sure you’re hydrated will help with skin elasticity and your skin will stretch and snap back a lot easier!
  4. It Works! Products – I am not a distributor but I know a lot of mommies that use these products and/or sell them. The women I know that sell them I trust when they say something works. A lot of moms use their wraps and stretch mark cream and swear by it.
  5. Exercise – Wow exercise is good for a lot of things I guess! Toning your body after pregnancy and staying in shape while pregnant could reduce the amount of stretch you get/ have over time. if anything it will make you feel happier, healthier, and have better body image!



I hope you took some great things away from this post today and I’m super happy to do the research and find some remedies to help us pregnant mommies to feel better! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite remedies for pregnancy symptoms! Don’t forget to sign my guestbook before leaving! XOXO

Target Trip: Maternity and Halloween Craft Haul


We’ve been finding ourselves in Target quite a bit this month so I thought I would do a combined haul and talk about some of the awesome stuff they have there right now. We have so much fun going and looking at the Halloween stuff, and we’re able to get a few fun crafts from the dollar spot. I also just recently purchased some maternity clothes as I am almost in my 3rd trimester!

At the dollar spot we picked up a couple wooden paint crafts. They had several and we will probably be back to get more, but for now we picked up a pumpkin and skull. We also grabbed a mason jar black cat craft kit that was in the 3 dollar section. I grabbed a cute little desk top box that I plan on DIYing for Daniels desk, a trick-or-treat bag for Braydon, a cute kit that turns your door into a monster face, a “Haunted phone” (Braydon is obsessed with this thing!), and a few other goodies like some Halloween cookies and some fun bath time art supplies!

On another occasion that we found ourselves in my favorite store, The boys let mommy get some maternity clothes! I got two dresses, a belly band, a maternity/nursing bra, a maternity tank, a pair of jeans, and a comfy cardigan sweater. I was able to a coupon from my target swag bag on the clothes and saved 30 bucks! If you would like to know more about how to get your own target swag bag, follow this link to my pregnancy freebees post: Pregnancy Freebees. After shopping we headed over to the target cafe and ate some pasta. It was definitely a fun day for us all. We headed to the pumpkin patch after this and I will be posting about our pumpkin patch adventure later so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



Check out what’s happening in week 27 of my pregnancy!

Baby Declan is moving like crazy! My sister says my tummy is bigger this time around so maybe we will be having a big boy! As far as symptoms, I’ve been having heartburn, aching back/hips, and an itchy tummy. I recently bought some maternity clothes and a massager since my tummy is getting bigger. After my appointment later this month Daniel and I will be taking a tour of the hospital!

According to my pregnancy app baby weighs approximately 2lbs and is the size of a cauliflower. 

Bippity Boppity Pregnancy Freebees!

If you don’t already know, I am expecting baby number 2 at the beginning of January! While researching where I wanted to set up my registry I found out that target offers you a free swag bag upon signing up for a registry with them! I set my registry up online and then went into target to their customer service department and told the lady I had just set up my registry and would like a swag bag. She handed me the bag and that was that! Inside there was a sample pack of honest company diapers and wipes, a bottle, a pacifier, several foil packet samples for diaper creams, coupons and lots more goodies!

After Target I decided to go and check out Babies R Us and they were so helpful and accommodating that I decided to register there as well! It was so much fun going through and “beeping” all the cute baby stuff with their fancy little pricing gun. When I went to turn in my “beeper” the sales rep told me she had some goodies for me and I was like, “heck yeah!” So she went and grabbed me a cute little paper bag full of more Freebee goodies including another bottle, breast feeding samples, more coupons and foil packs! Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Especially baby stuff!! Target doesn’t advertise their swag bag so you have to ask for it at customer service, so if you are registering at target I strongly recommend going into the store and picking up your free bag!

A couple other places to find free baby items are through companies directly, Infamel sent me several samples of formula just for signing up with their email list. You can get a free months trial of honest company supplies by signing up on their website as well, so do your research and contact companies for more Freebees! If you enjoyed this post please like and subscribe, leave me a comment if you have any questions or feedback.