About the Bippity Boppity Mom

Hello and welcome to my little home on the Internet! I am a twenty four year old stay at home mommy to an energetic little boy named Braydon and I am expecting my second little dude at the beginning of January 2017 (check out our name announcement post here!) We live in the capital city of Salem, Oregon and enjoy the area quite a bit. We love the combination of nature and community here in the Willamette valley. My passions include cooking, crafting, all things Disney, coffee!! and planning activities with my family. I do home preschool with my son Braydon and we are on the path to potty training! I do hope you enjoy reading about our crazy lives and find some inspiration along the way! I run a Facebook group for mommies to share their creations and get ideas for meals, snacks, crafts, and activities.

 If you’re curious about the name of this site just ask yourself; do you ever feel like Cinderella, the evil stepmother, and the fairy godmother all at once? Well I have, and do quite often! I have felt like the unappreciated servant girl, the mean old step mom (because no you can’t color on yourself with permanent marker..), and I have also felt like the ferry godmother that is able to make my child’s “wishes” come true – which is why it is all worth it to me! And that is how I came up with the name for this blog. When I engage with my family in fun activities or create a new craft with my son, the joy it brings him and the cheeseball grin that shows up on his face make it all worth it!

My Goal is to inspire hot mess moms everywhere to try their best, and not to have “Pinterest perfect” expectations. The internet and social media make moms way more vulnerable to unrealistic expectations and judgment, but it also offers us so many resources that we can use to our advantage! My blog is a realistic representation of my family life and a place for me to share my experiences good and bad with like minded moms.

I often blog about family activities, new recipes I’m trying (especially in the crockpot!), crafts(usually very simple and realistic!), home preschool with my oldest, and on goings in my pregnancy with baby number two! I am a hot mess most of the time and although I have a passion for crafting and cooking, running a home is hectic and this is how I handle things. I hope you find lots of helpful ideas as well as some encouragement in this “magical” journey of parenting when you visit. Be sure to visit my guestbook page and leave me a review, comment, or thought! XOXO




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