Mommy Care and Wellness Guest Post: To the Momma Struggling with Self-Care

To the Momma Struggling with Self-Care


I see you. I am you.

I’ll admit this to ya’ll, I wasn’t very good at self-care even before I had kids (Gasp!)  After the boys came, the self-care level plummeted even more than before.  So for the upcoming year,  I’m making it a priority to take better care of myself.  Being a realist, I understand that as a full time working mom of two young, active boys, self-care will not always be my top priority. But to improve a little is to not digress, correct?!

Taking care of ourselves is important, I think we can all agree on this, right? So many of us just let it all go once the kiddos come because there is always someone else that has a pressing need.  Snotty noses, dirty diapers, spelling words to call out, soccer practice to go to, doctor’s appointments to make, field trip forms to sign, birthday parties to plan…Heaven help, I’m tired just typing that sentence.

So, we know we need to take care of ourselves, so now the real deal is to start doing it, capeesh?! (Remember, I’m talking to myself, so sometimes, she needs tough love J)

So Here Are My Goals for Ya’ll to hold me accountable to:

Washing My Face Every Night

So, this may be a no-brainer for many of ya’ll and mad props to you. I have never been a big girlie-girl, nor struggled with acne, so that could be the reason. I am a lazy face girl. I’m doing well if I run a Neutrogena wipe over my face at the end of the day. Judge all you want.  Picture the mom who drops their kids off at school with yesterday’s mascara on, and you’ve got me.

I have all the Rodan and fields regimens, and have more face stuff than one person should under my bathroom sink. The problem is the actual using them.

Yes, I want to look younger. Yes, I want pretty skin. But lord, I’m tired at the end of the day.

Here are the ways I want to try to achieve this goal for the New Year:

  1. Take off makeup and wash face immediately upon arriving home if we are in for the night.
  2. Set a timer on my phone for a certain time every night.
  3. Make it part of my nightly routine with brushing teeth.

Anyone else have any other great tips?? Help a sister out!!


Getting up before the kids

This one, oh she’s a doozey.

In my perfect morning, I will get up an hour before the kiddos, take a run/walk for 30 minutes, drink coffee and do my devotional before the kids get up.

Reality is that my 4 year old is a super light sleeper, wakes up most mornings at 4:45 ready to jump off the walls, and it stays dark until 6:20 now making my outside exercise attempts null. And I’m not running by myself, either, so don’t even think about suggesting that.  We live in the country and we have lots of animals. Nuff said.  Don’t even try to convince me. A neighbor killed a huge bobcat yesterday that had been killing her chickens for months. Plus, we watch a lot of Dateline NBC and I just ain’t doing it!

So this one may not happen all the time, but I plan to make it a goal to get up before the kids at least 3 of the 7 mornings a week.

  1. Set my alarm earlier, which means going to bed earlier.
  2. Enforce the kid’s bedtime and nap schedules.
  3. Have my husband tend to the boys if they are up while I’m doing my morning routine.


Do some exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

I do love to exercise, believe it or not.  Feeling better, having more energy, and mental clarity just seem to do wonders for my body and mind.  Being out of the habit of exercise is not good for my mental status. I tend to yell at the boys more, be snippy with my husband, and generally just don’t feel as well when I don’t.

Making time for exercise needs to be a priority. Here are my ways to achieve this goal:

  1. Exercise to a video or Pinterest workout if I am not able to run outside. (read above if you missed my comment about the bobcatJ)
  2. Meet a friend to walk in the afternoons-set the date and keep it.
  3. Find time to exercise during the workday. Small 5 minute segments can add up!


Drink at least 80 ounces of water every day.


I work at a dialysis unit, am a registered dietitian, therefore I know the praises of drinking enough water and why it is good for my body. I just have trouble actually doing it most days. Anyone else  struggling with this?  In an effort to better take care of myself, this is one of my goals. Here is my action plan for this one:

  1. Get one of those super cute big water bottles.
  2. Flavor my water with my favorite fruits, which I will prep and slice on Sunday for the week.
  3. Make an effort to drink 60 ounces during the workday before I get home. I get side tracked once the kids and I are in full on homework/supper mode.
  4. Not allow myself to drink a glass of wine if I haven’t consumed my daily water goal. (Yikes-this one may actually do the trick!)


So those are my top 4 self-care goals to work on this next year! I am looking so forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for me and would love to hear about some of your goals as well!




I’m Kyleigh.

I’m a small town southern momma with a passion for writing, teaching people to be a little healthier, raising my kids to be sweet and love Jesus, Sonic Diet Cokes (I know, I know…I’m a dietitian), family, and old school gansta rap.

I would love if you would check out my blog,!



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