DIY “Give Thanks” Jar


I realized I haven’t really done a DIY post in a while and I’ve been seeing so many relating to Christmas and other winter holidays already, that I decided to share with you how to make your own “Give Thanks” jar for Thanksgiving! This is a really lovely tradition to start with your family. The idea is to write down one thing you are thankful for each day leading up to thanksgiving. I am sure you could adjust accordingly and even do this throughout the year if you wish! We plan on reading all of our “thankful sticks” on Thanksgiving as a fun family activity.


To make this I used:

  • Popsicle sticks (from the craft section at Dollar Tree)
  • Fall related stickers (I actually used some wall decals that I had on hand!)
  • Twine (Also from the Dollar Tree)
  • Chalkboard labels (From the Dollar Tree)
  • Mason Jar
  • Label Maker
  • Permanent Marker (I used Orange for “Fall”)


How I made it:

The First thing I did was stick my chalkboard label onto the mason jar. I used my label maker to write out exactly what I wanted to be said on the jar. I could have used chalk but I am not a fan of my handwriting and don’t have a chalk pen. The next thing I did was place the mason jar ring on the jar without the middle ring. I took some twine and began wrapping it tightly around the top of the jar until I was satisfied with how it looked. I just tied and tucked the rest of the string in, no glue needed! I decorated my jar with some green vine decals all the way around to give it more of a Fall vibe. The last step is to place your “thankful sticks” or Popsicle sticks into the jar along with the marker!


I hope you guys enjoyed this easy peasy DIY and start an awesome new tradition with your family! I know some people do a thankful tree, there are so many ways you could go with this! Thanks for reading and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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