Halloween Adventures! Trunk or Treating and Candy Fest

During the week of Halloween we did quite a few festive activities, but the two main events for Braydon were trunk-or-treating, and a candy fest at a local church! A couple days before Halloween Daniel and I took Braydon to a Church here in town called Morning Star Community Church. It was super cute and all the volunteers had their trunks decorated in different themes. If you don’t know what a “trunk-or-treat” is, it is basically trick-or-treating set up in a parking lot out of peoples trunks. It is meant to provide easy and safe trick-or-treating for neighborhoods that are dangerous, secluded, or have a harder time trick-or-treating.

Braydon’s favorites were the trunks he got to “fish” candy out of, and my personal favorite was the Snow White trunk! They had a cute little photo booth set up and they were all dressed in costume. They had a Ducks and Beavers trunk, Buzz Lightyear trunk, etc. We liked it so much Daniel and I were talking about volunteering next year, it seems like so much fun!

We also Stopped in at Target and checked out their trick-or-treat event, they had four booths set up throughout the store so we got to take Braydon to trick-or-treat while we shopped!

On Halloween we took Braydon to another church event at the West Salem Foursquare Church, called “Candy Fest”. It was definitely and awesome event! It is a very large church and it was super crowded for good reason. They had numbered booths set up everywhere for you to collect stamps and participate in games and activities. Braydon only did a few of the games including a basket ball toss, fishing for candy, and a cup shooting activity. His favorite thing seemed to be the bounce house they had set up as well as the very large slide he went down with Daniel!

As we were getting ready to leave I started feeling sick and tired and Braydon seemed tired and overstimulated as well. (He hadn’t had a nap of course and had been loading up on candy all day!) We decided to call it a night and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters instead of taking Braydon trick-or-treating like we had planned. Braydon enjoyed getting trick-or-treaters and would repeat “trick-or-treat!” everytime we got a knock at the door.

How did your Halloween go? Events with little one’s can be sort of stressful at times but at the end of the day, if your child had fun that’s all that matters right?


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