3 Ways to Decorate your pumpkin Without Carving or Painting

Halloween is in just a few short days!!! We are so excited and this year Braydon is old enough to really want to get involved with the pumpkin process. Everyday he would come in the kitchen point and say “pumpkin!” He even tries to carry them around and ended up breaking on of the stems off! (I hot glued it back on!) I wanted to find something for him to do that didn’t involve carving so he could actually participate. He is old enough to want to, but too young to actually carve. I also wanted to find something that wouldn’t be super messy, because I have dealt with enough paint messes this last month and just need a break from it! Here are three ways to help your toddler decorate a pumpkin without carving or painting!


Braydon did not enjoy participating in this one because the noise from the hair dryer scared him, but he was super fascinated with it afterwards and enjoyed watching from afar. Click here to watch our Facebook live video of this activity!


  • Crayons
  • tape
  •  pumpkin
  • blow dryer
  • cover/protector for the surface you’re doing this on


Make sure your child is occupied as you set up for this activity because they may become over excited and it will become crazy and hectic! First select the crayons you want to use and the color/pattern choice.  Unwrap your crayons, break them in half and space them out around the top of you pumpkin, using scotch tape to hold them in place. Then you can help your child use the blow dryer on them so that they melt! If your child becomes scared of the noise like mine did, just finish it up for them and they will enjoy looking at it afterwards! Make sure to watch the video on this, on my Facebook page because I have listed some tips in there as well as info about upcoming blog posts! Plus there is a really funny part at the beginning where Braydon says an unmentionable word! OOPS!! HAHA!


This one I did the lace part because I used hot glue, and Braydon Helped with the ribbon. This project is a lot less messy and there are plenty of different ways you could do this. We made outs look like a “present” (not really, but oh well! lol) You could also try to make yours look like a ghost or a spider nest.


  • lace
  • ribbon
  • adhesive (we used hot glue)
  • scissors


To make this pumpkin I hot glues some lace all around the pumpkin in about 3-4 layers. I then wrapped some lace around the stem and tire it with a bow. I cut some ribbon for Braydon and we placed it around the pumkin in several different directions and I tied them off.If you wanted this to look like a ghost, add some googly eyes and a mouth! If you want this to look like a spider nest just put some fake spiders between the lace and pumpkin as best you can and maybe add some fake spider webs as well!


This is the most simple and neat pumpkins we did, and it was Braydon’s favorite because he was able to do everything himself! I helped get the paper off them but for the most part he did this on his own. (Probably why it turned out the best!)


  • Googly eyes (we got ours at the Dollar Tree)
  • A pumpkin


This pretty much goes without saying but you just let your child stick googly eyes all over their pumpkin! It turned out pretty neat in my opinion, you could even have them do this with some fun Halloween stickers or a combination of both!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that it helps you with pumpkin ideas for your little ones! Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page, give it a like and watch our silly video!!


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