Check Out What’s Happening in Week 28 of My Pregnancy!

This update is coming a couple days late because we’ve been super busy with Daniels new job, me adjusting to being the only parent at home, all our fall activities we’ve been doing, and all the stuff I am doing for this Blog! I didn’t want to just skip this though because I am excited to be able to look back at these memories and share them with my kids when they’re older. I look at Braydon’s memory box and baby book about once a week thinking back to when he was just a little fragile thing! This time around I am going to include some short video clips from my 20 week ultrasound, when we found out baby Declan would be a boy!

Video Clips of 20 Week Ultrasound:

This week in my pregnancy:

Baby Declan is up keeping me up most of the night with his flips and tricks in my belly! I have been having more charlie horses and leg cramps and it’s so terrible! Other then that I haven’t noticed any changes in symptoms other then the waddling and trouble breathing. Since I am officially in my 28th week now, After I see the doctor this week I will be seeing them every 2 weeks. I still haven’t taken the glucose test yet! (yay!)

My pregnancy app says that baby is approximately 2.25lbs this week and is the size of a Chinese cabbage. My app also says that baby’s brain is developing more tissue and baby is developing a sleep schedule. I am officially in my 3rd trimester, this week I received my samples from the Honest Company, and it came with some really cute patterns! I talked about this a little bit on my facebook page already, but I will be doing a review of them after Declan is born and can try them out!

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