Target Crafts: Halloween Store bought Fun!


This month has been a particularly crafty month for us, with Halloween approaching and Braydon doing “Tot School”. Recently we picked up some cute crafts from the dollar section at Target along with a cute door monster craft that cost us $7.00. (see full target haul post here) We still haven’t gotten around to carving our pumpkins, so these activities have really kept Braydon busy and happy! If you’re like me and most times you don’t want to come up with a craft out of thin air then head to the target dolar spot they have such cute stuff right now! (as if they don’t always! Haha!)

The first crafts we tried out when my sister, Braydon’s aunt came over to visit. We painted a wooden pumpkin, a wooden skull, and my sister did a cute black cat mason jar craft! (this one was $3.00 in the dollar spot.)

Braydon favored the black and green paints and painted one side of the pumpkin while auntie helped him paint the other side. I painted the skull and auntie made the black cat craft for Braydon. He now carries the mason jar cat around and says kitty repeatedly!

Some pics of the final product:


The door craft was probably mine and Braydon’s fave! It was super simple and he was so excited to hand me pieces and put the adhesive foam on. I enjoyed the fact that it was very simple, not messy at all, and it came out super cute!

Here’s some pics of us putting up our monster door:

I hope you got some inspiration from this, there are so many resources out there to craft and have fun with your kiddos without breaking the budget and without having to be super crafty yourself. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to sign my guestbook before leaving! XOXO



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