Our Portland Trip and Ikea Fail!

Recently, Daniel got a great job for the state and He also had a birthday at the beginning of this month so we decided to go to Portland to celebrate! We had seen on Facebook the day before that Ikea was having an awesome anniversary sale and that they had a toddler bed for only $10.00! Our main goal in going to Portland was to get this bed and the rest was just a bonus since we would be in that area. Like the super organized and prepared parents that we are, we decided to just go and check it out without calling ahead, even though its the only Ikea in Oregon and its over an hour away from where we live.

When We got to Portland we were all super hungry so we decided to eat fairly close to our destination. We drove around looking at nearby restaurants and saw a cool looking BBQ joint called Famous Dave’s. It looked kind of small from the outside but, oh my gosh! it was huge and awesomely decorated. They had TV’s with football and a fire place, their décor was like a country BBQ style with fishing and hunting things everywhere. It was super nice and the wait staff were so friendly! I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and it was just way too delicious! It’s so hard to find good BBQ that isn’t made at home so we were definitely satisfied customers. Braydon was really good in the restaurant too which was nice, he was content just coloring and ate off his and Daniel’s plates.

After our meal we went to Ikea determined to find this bed that was on a too good to be true sale. Now in my defense for not calling ahead, I had assumed that since this sale was running for another 2 weeks and it was only the second day of the sale, that they would still have some in stock. We go in the store and weasel our way through and ask the nearest staff there where these beds are. They give us directions, we head up that way and the associate there tells us that they sold out in the first hour! They only had twenty five in stock to begin with!! She then suggests I buy the new model that has pigs instead of cats on it for only $69.99!! I tried not to laugh my butt off as I walked away.

We spent some time looking around and tried to enjoy the rest of the time there, after all it was our own fault for getting our hopes up. After Ikea we went to Michaels so I could pick up some things for Braydon’s costume. This is my first year making a homemade costume for him and I am super excited! He is going to be “the man in the yellow hat” from Curious George. He loves all the movies so we thought it would be super cute! (Stay subscribed for my upcoming post on making his costume!) Braydon had fallen asleep in the car so I got to go in by myself while Daniel stayed in the Car. Yay for mommy time! While in there I picked up the stuff I needed for his costume as well as some fun water gel beads we plan on using for some sensory fun.

All in all it was a great trip to Portland and we all had some fun! We are super excited for Daniel to start his new career and for Braydon to show off his super cute costume this Halloween! Don’t forget to subscribe and join me on Facebook! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Our Portland Trip and Ikea Fail!

  1. So sorry you didn’t get the bed you wanted!! I really think its a little dumb on their part to have such a small stock of them in the store with such a big sale… Hmm.. Glad you had fun though! I am going to Portland on the 21st this month from Arizona. Pretty excited to get out of the heat for a couple days! So sensory beads? They have them at Michaels? I’ll have to check it out!

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