Teaching My Toddler Independence

Since Little brother is due to arrive this coming January, I really want to help Braydon become more independent and learn some responsibility. My goal is to encourage Braydon to help with his little brother so that he feels proud and included when the new baby arrives. Lately Braydon has been learning so many new words and has been communicating so much more!

A few things we done to encourage independence and responsibility are creating a chore chart for him, letting him help in the kitchen, and having him help sweep up messes. He is still just a little guy and will be turning three the same month little brother is due! So far Braydon really enjoys “helping out” with chores and his chore chart mainly consists of routine things like brushing his teeth and getting dressed. We set up a sticker chart for him as well so that every time he completes a task he gets a special sticker!

It is one of my biggest fears that Braydon will feel left out or not understand why mommy isn’t helping him as much, so I want him to enjoy learning these skills and to have them before he becomes a big brother. Its super exciting to think about Braydon being a big brother and all the fun stuff they are going to get to do together, but I know the newborn stage is going to be very difficult for all of us. Braydon has been such a trooper lately, with learning to potty, having chores, and a new baby on the way; we are so excited for this new leg in this journey of family hood! This is definitely a learning experience for all of us but I am optimistic that Braydon will be a great little helper and the best big brother ever!

What are some activities you do with your children to teach them independence? Leave a comment down below! Don’t forget to join our community of awesome mommies on Facebook, where we share about meals, crafts, and activities! Link up above! Thanks for reading!



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