Fall Tot School Activities!


This month we are focusing on fall and Halloween activities, mainly revolving around apples! Braydon had so much fun with our arts and crafts this week! We made a “5 Little Pumpkins” vine, and an “A” Apple Ornament. This was great for teaching fine motor skills, as well as creativity, counting, and Literacy. Surprisingly Braydon’s favorite part was coloring not painting! I pretty much let him so everything except the cutting. For our pumpkin craft I filled some of the paint in and did the laminating process.

“A” Apple Craft:

For this craft you will need popsicle sticks, glue, yarn or twine, markers or other form of color, and paper.

To make this cute little ornament, I helped Braydon glue some popsicle sticks in the shape of an A and we let it dry. After it was dry Braydon colored the “A” with some red markers. I set several red markers out in front of him because he likes to change utensils and I wanted to keep the color consistent. Once he had the A colored I had him glue on some paper that I cut out to make the shape of leaves. I then tied some green twine between it and bam! A nice little ornament. During this craft I had been repeating the words apple, red, and “A” to him so he could associate the color letter and word.

“5 Little Pumpkins” Vine Craft:

For this craft you will need an Apple cut in half, orange paint, paint sponges, large paper, ribbon, twine or yarn, scissors, hole punch, laminator, and green marker.

To Make this craft, I cut an apple in half and covered the flat end with orange paint, He stamped a large piece of paper with the paint (I went back over them with a sponge since he couldn’t stamp it too hard, he still had fun though!) and then we set it up to dry while Braydon colored. Once dry We colored some green stems on the pumpkins and then I cut them out. I laminated 5 of them, hole punched the tops, then strung some green twine and orange ribbon through. We plan on keeping this craft and using it as a counting visual for the “5 little pumpkins” rhyme. If you don’t have the book you can find and print out the rhyme online or lookup the cute song on YouTube!


I hope you enjoyed some of our easy fall crafts and if you have any ideas on fun tot school activities or crafts to do with your kiddos comment and let me know!



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