Bippity Boppity Pregnancy Freebees!

If you don’t already know, I am expecting baby number 2 at the beginning of January! While researching where I wanted to set up my registry I found out that target offers you a free swag bag upon signing up for a registry with them! I set my registry up online and then went into target to their customer service department and told the lady I had just set up my registry and would like a swag bag. She handed me the bag and that was that! Inside there was a sample pack of honest company diapers and wipes, a bottle, a pacifier, several foil packet samples for diaper creams, coupons and lots more goodies!

After Target I decided to go and check out Babies R Us and they were so helpful and accommodating that I decided to register there as well! It was so much fun going through and “beeping” all the cute baby stuff with their fancy little pricing gun. When I went to turn in my “beeper” the sales rep told me she had some goodies for me and I was like, “heck yeah!” So she went and grabbed me a cute little paper bag full of more Freebee goodies including another bottle, breast feeding samples, more coupons and foil packs! Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Especially baby stuff!! Target doesn’t advertise their swag bag so you have to ask for it at customer service, so if you are registering at target I strongly recommend going into the store and picking up your free bag!

A couple other places to find free baby items are through companies directly, Infamel sent me several samples of formula just for signing up with their email list. You can get a free months trial of honest company supplies by signing up on their website as well, so do your research and contact companies for more Freebees! If you enjoyed this post please like and subscribe, leave me a comment if you have any questions or feedback.


2 thoughts on “Bippity Boppity Pregnancy Freebees!

  1. ALSO…

    Babies R’ Us holds baby classes & events. Sometimes they do raffles &/or give goodie bags just for arriving! Plus side is you can go to as many classes & events ad you like and receive these baggies!!

    They offer information on baby items, you get to learn about baby, and go home with a better understanding on how baby bodies work (lol).


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