Introducing Detective Braydon!


I find myself getting frustrated at times when I find broken toys on the ground or Braydon having a lack of interest in things that I spend good money on for him to enjoy. Well one day I was stalking Pinterest as usual and came across several DIY “spy” kits. I thought to myself I’m pretty sure I could make something like that! Braydon has the most fun playing with non toy objects so let’s see how this pans out! Well I only spent a couple hours total on this project as he was napping and I’m super happy with the results! I used a few ideas from the Internet as well as my own creativity and this is what I came up with! I call it “hybrid creativity” haha!

DIY Spy/Detectives Kit Contents:

  • Walkie Talkie (toy one he never played with)
  • Whistle
  • “Laser” (just a fancy pen cap that I labeled with my label maker)
  • “Spy bombs” (caps off of some silly string spray that I labeled with my label maker)
  • Fingerprint Dust (an empty sample container filled with flour and cocoa mix, I used a hot glue gun to seal it and my label maker!)
  • “Bad Guy Stunner Spray” ( silly string with printer paper taped around it and labeled with my handy label maker!)
  • “Caution Tape” (just some orange ribbon placed in a plastic bag. Surprisingly one of his favorite things in the kit!)
  • “Spy Pen and Notepad” (a wonder color market from crayola and a sticky note notepad, once again labeled with my lovely label maker)
  • “Spy Glasses” ( some old sunglasses)
  • “Evidence Baggies” (just some sandwich bags labeled as evidence collection!)
  • Magnifying Glass ( purchased for $1.00 and the Dollar Tree!)
  • “Finger Print Duster” (one of my old makeup brushes labeled with my label maker once again!)
  • Flash Light ( a toy flashlight he never played with before)

The actual case is an old crayola art kit case I got for free at a yard sale, but if you think outside the box you could use pretty much anything, even a shoebox dressed up as a top secret safe! I taped a file folder to the inside for looks and decorated the front with construction paper and yes, my label maker! This literally cost me nothing since I had just went around my house and found items I thought would work well. My son loves it and if he gets board of it I can change it up into a “jet setters/travelers kit” either way it was free and super fun to make. If you have questions or comments leave them below! And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss future posts!


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